Monday, July 30, 2012

Never did a timeline for the twin pregnancy...

So I feel like I should dedicate a whole post to the twins. When I found out I was pregnant and everything I went through up until the point of delivery, so I can give you all some perspective. So the twin pregnancy happened with our frozen embryos from our first IVF attempt. There will be a lot of information so enjoy! This is a compiled list of entries on a forum I was on before, during and after being pregnant from the FET cycle.

IVF success and failure
Well I am now 16 days past my D&C after learning my baby died and stopped growing around 7 weeks. I'm waiting to start my FET cycle but it seems like it's too far away. I have to go in for bloodwork Friday to make sure HCG is going down as it should. My 1 week check was down to 890 so I'm hoping this 2 week check will be in the single digits.

I was 3 weeks past D&C friday and HCG went down from 890 2 weeks ago to 15 so I guess they are considering this my baseline. So I started Birth control pills friday and I was told to take them a minimum of two weeks, then stop them and I should get a period. When that happends I'm supposed to call the office. So after that I have to have a sonogram, followed by another period and I'm hoping to transfer 2 blasts after all is said and done.

My Update
Here is my update. I started my first period since the D&C Jan 7th thanks to bc pills. It is now over so I have my sonohysto scheduled for Feb 28th and if everything is good that day I will get off the bcps and start the patches March 2nd.

I believe I will be starting patches and baby asprin tomorrow which would be day one for me so I am estimating the 25th would be transfer day.

So my ultrasound and bw is tomorrow. They are going to check my lining and estrogen and all that. I'm hoping its nice and cushioney in there :P if all goes well transfer will be Monday!

Continuation after I got the call...
So all is a go for monday! They told me my lining was triple layer or whatever its called I don't know the mm of it but they told me its good. My E2 is 481 and P4 is 1.2. So I'm downgrading back to two patches and starting the prometrium tonight. The count down begins. Now I'm hoping the embies make the thaw.

I'm soooo ready! Counting down the hours haha the only thing is, is I don't have a time to go in I guess they will call me in the morning. They said it should happen around 11ish boooo what a time frame. I will be sleeping next to the phone Sunday night haha

To all those wondering the tranfer went great! I got a photo of the babies being transfered and they said the thaw was beautiful so April 6th is beta day. Now I'm heading home just got done eating now its nap time Side Note: I remember going out for pancakes.

So I had my transfer Monday around 11:45am so I guess you can say I'm technically 5 and a halfish days into my 2WW. We transfered 2 beautiful blastocycsts and are hoping for the best when we go in for the beta April 6th.

So I'm 3dp5dt and all of a sudden today I'm having some odd feeling I never felt until today. I can't really describe what it is maybe poor circulation. Could it be my two would probably be too early for that but its something odd I've noticed. Can anyone relate?

I'm still hanging in there thinking about poas just to "check" haha but I only have 2 hpts and won't be buying anymore so I have to choose the days wisely.

Well I broke down an poas lastnight it was about 3.5dp5dt and I got a BFN which I knew would happen. I don't really feel down about it because I know its way early. So I will test again Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and hope out of those days there will be a positive!

So I tested again today at 7:30am, 11:45am ish would be 5dp5dtr so not quite yet and I got the faintest positive! So I will continue to poas until Tuesday and have official beta Wednesday. I sure hope everything goes fine this time around I just spent 5 minutes crying and the hubby is still sleeping. I'm so nervous! Should I move up beta date...?

So I peed on the ever so mighty frer at around 9:10am and got a darker line! 3 days till beta!

Official Beta Day! All preggo tests are positive now I'm hoping for a nice high strong number...thinking it may be twins
So I got the call and my number is 210...pretty good. I got back Friday for a repeat beta. I think I want one Monday and Wednesday also. I want to be on top of things this time because of what happened last time.

2nd beta came back at 513 yay! She said it more then doubled . She said no more need to check blood. So my first ultrasound is scheduled for April 25 I will be 6 weeks 5 days so I better see some babies and heartbeats then! So far away though...

HPT Negative to Positive
3dp5dt: negative
4.5dp5dt: extremely faint positive
5dp5dt: faint positive
7dp5dt: darker faint positive
8dp5dt: very dark positive
9dp5dt: Beta #1 210

11dp5dtr: Beta #2 513

I started PIO (Progesterone In Oil) shots today. After switching from the suppositories and crinone.

I am FREAKING OUT. I woke up at 8am and peed had extremely light pink spotting. Half hour later it was dark red and I had cramping now it seems to be stopping but its still sitting in my mind. Last time there was tons of blood and clots...I didn't miscarry then but 5 days after that the baby stopped growing.

The repeat beta was actually Friday but I decided not to go since the blood didn't get any worse. So I'm holding out until the 25th for the first happy its pretty much a week away now not over 3 weeks when I started counting down. I think I may ask for bloodwork then since I have no clue what my P4 levels are.

So I think I had my first dose of morning sickness today...woke me up out of a sound sleep felt really nausous but thankfully the cold made it go away.

So I haven't checked the board in a few so I will update you all. I have constant morning sickness all day no vomiting but when ever I'm hungry its back so I make sure I eat and all is well. I had another blood episode so I got checked out last night at a womens and infant trauma place. We did a quick ultrasound the lady didn't have any certifications so it wasn't as clear as I liked but there were two sacs with two babies and two flickering hearts. I just turned 6 weeks yesturday so it was a total suprize to see all this. They said it may have been from implantation so I'm going to go with it. My first realy ultrasound is still Monday so I will get to see the twins clearer and I'm hoping all is still well and that I will get my pictures the 6 week HCG was 40160 and P4 18.3

I have good news!
There are officially two babies in there. One is measuring a bit smaller at 6 weeks 3 days and the heart is at 120, second baby is right on target at 6 weeks 5 days with a 128 heartbeat. Next appt. At 8 weeks 1 day May 5th then I'm off to OB...makes me nervous. I just hope everything continues to progress nicely! EDD is Dec. 13.

A few hours after the vaginal ultrasound I got some bleeding :/ still there now...I'm thinking my cervix got really irritated from it because there was a lot of pressure during the ultrasound.

Hey hey! I haven't been around much...I can't believe I'm pushing it to the 10 week mark already. I had an u/s at 9 weeks and baby A looks like a small baby already it even twiched it was cute! Baby B is still a couple days behind but both are still hanging on I have my first trimester scan May 31st can't wait!

I'm not-so-patiently awaiting the 31st for the NT scan just to see if my babies okay...I hope they'll let me hear the heartbeats. I will be 11weeks crazy to even think about it. Has any of this ever happen to any of you? If I sneeze or cough too much it makes me want to vomit...not so pretty lol

Scan went well. They both were all bouncing around heartbeats were good. Its crazy to think I'm at 12 weeks right now. I actually told everyone today.

 I just tried my doppler for an hour and think we got one baby at 147-150bpm.

Started the second trimester on Tuesday...I got about 4 weeks until I see my babies and find out the sexes. 2 weeks until I have a cervical length check...just to be on the safe side...hoping I could say "can I get a peek at the babies while your there"? 

Since having a bleeding and cramping episode the 18th we saw the Peri the 20th and length looked great. 8 days later we went to regular OB office for length check and to my suprise my cervix was down to 1 cm with funneling give or take, after it being 3 1/2 cm 8 days earlier. So with that came some options. 1. Bedrest & Progesterone 2. Bedrest & Cerclage (highly unrecommended by Dr. Because there wasn't enoug evidence proving it would work and with the risks) 3. Induce labor to avoid having the babies early Of course 3 was totally out of the question and 1 didn't seem like enough to me. So I chose 1 and 2. I was admitted to the hospital same day monitored all night and had surgery yesturday. According to the Dr. Surgery went well and now we wait. I have my follow up Tuesday and am hoping babies still look good and no complications should arise. In the midst of all this we found out we have a little boy and girl.

I had my level II ultrasound. On the positive note babies looked great. The girl is 7oz and the boy is 8oz (18 weeks today) on a not so positive note my cervix is down to .9cm now from being 1.2cm at 16 weeks. Cerclage is still in place there is still terrible funneling so its a wait and see kind of deal now and I'm scared.

Had another check up today babies are good moving all around... but now cervix is down its lower and lower every week and now baby a's water bag is past the stitch. I don't know what more to do....I'm in bed all day I shower once a week I'm only out of the house for dr. appointments. Ugh

Well I have an update. Wednesday I went in for surgery for a second cerclage after finding my cervix got down to .3mm and baby A's bag of water was slipping past the first stitch. So its 5 days until my follow up and I hope I get some good news this time. Its crazy. Before the surgery when I saw him Tuesday he didn't want to do another surgery and was like well I'm not going to do anymore ultrasounds since you have pretty much no cervix and to wait and see so I was like I think we need to do the surgery or I could pretty much lose the babies at any time. So I'm sure I will have more of an idea when I see the doctor Wednesday.

At the appointment today they found a small pocket of fluid and his bladder was full so he is getting some fluid. They still have reason to believe his water has broken and was pushing to remove my cerclage but I decided I wanted to keep it atleast another week. So the risk of infection is high and I was admitted to the hospital and will probably be here the remainder of the pregnancy. The plus part of this is my room is private its nice and my husband can stay.

Now this is where my blog started going into more detail. I kind of put this together to remind myself of everything that's happened a long the way. With everything there are things I have forgotten I realized after going through all these posts.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

With the end of July upon us...

comes August. That brings heart ache and excitement. It brings with it many emotions and memories coming back to consume me, It means I have lost my son Dexter and had another grow up right in front of me. That miracle baby that will be 1 soon enough. I know many of you have followed me from the "almost" start. I started this blog at about 18 weeks, two weeks after getting my cerclage and being put on strict bed rest.

A lot of you have been with me through the ups and most importantly the down, down and down again. It has been one hell of a ride. I'm sure a lot of the times you all thought I was nuts I've sure I've said many odd things at my low times. I know most of you have been through my gief with me and for that I'm thankful. Even looking back now whether it was on blogger or through other sites I was on I had so much support right up until shit hit the fan and even after. I always had someone to share such kind words and it helped me get to where I am today. August 16th will mark Dexter's life and dealth one short year ago. Madisons brings so much happiness and craziness to the house, I still even though I have said it before imagine what he would have been like. It would have been amazing to see them play and laugh together.

I didn't mean for this to be a downer post so lets switch it up. Madison's birthday is August 19th and well bring the creative person I am, I'm thinking of making her a cake for her birthday. I'm not talking back a cake slather frosting on it and write happy birthday on it, I'm talking a three dimensional cake. A fairy cake to be exact. With mushrooms and hills with sparkles and layers and fillings. No I have NEVER backed a cake like that BUT I know I can do it and it will be AWESOME! I'm trying to come up with an exact design in my head but it'd be harder to put down on paper. I have about 3 weeks to get it perfect. I will have to do some tester cakes in the mean time. Once I get the tools I will get to backing and show you all and get your opinions if I could.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All These Medical Shows

I should have known the topic of prematurity would come up. It's called "Private Practice," has anyone seen it? If not its about a small practice that offers services for for phsyciotry, pediatricians, gyenocologists and has a fertility clinic. This episode had someone come in at 27 weeks pregnant and everything was perfect with the baby. She wanted to deliver the baby to use her cord blood for her son that was dying. It was a crazy story. In the end the woman broke her own water because the doctors wouldn't induce her and they c sectioned the baby. Thhe woman kept on asking if the baby was okay, obviously not if she wasn't breathing. Of course I cried.

Monday, July 23, 2012

6 Days after...

Provera my period showed up. Of course I bought a test with hopes at seeing a double line. I took it and it was obviously negative then the next day my period was here, ugh WASTE of money. So I guess this is it. After my period the ring goes in and there is now a 0% chance of me convcieving on my own. We are starting the gym again this week and I suppose I will focus on losing some weight and trying to be as healthy as possible. It would be great if the next time I go into the RE's office to a transfer I'd be at a healthier weight and happier all around. I guess that could be my goal. I would LOVE to lose 80lbs.

Monday, July 16, 2012


I finished my 10 pills on Friday I believe. No period in sight. I had a pregnancy dream last night. Some how some way in the dream I was getting an ultrasound and they were surprised to see I was pregnant. I'm guessing it initially wasn't to check for pregnancy. I remember saying in the dream it's impossible and that I just finished taking Provera and am waiting for a period. UGH I HATE pregnancy dreams. It always gets my hopes up for nothing. My boobs are sore and obviously thats from the lack of progesterone from the pills and possibly a warning that my period may start soon. I think about my 3 snowbabies all the time but its too soon for that. Ah well.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The RE

Well I had a visit with my RE and well the appointment went as I thought it would. I have a slim to no chance of ever getting pregnant on my own. She wanted me to go on some type of birthcontrol to keep my lining thin and stay on the metformin. She says she doesn't think anything will change with my cycles unless I lose a lot of weight and maybe then I would start ovulating on my own, but no promises there. She did an ultrasound to check my lining and my ovaries and she commented "you have text book PROS." Its something I really didn't want to hear. She also said my ovaries are doing nothing for me...wonderful isn't it? So like I said in my previous post I'm starting the gym again and hoping to get in shape if possible. We have decided to put me on progesterone for 10 to get a withdrawal bleed and I will start the NuvaRing continuously. She asked about my blasts I have frozen and I told her we weren't ready just yet. She said whenever I was ready for them they will be waiting. I'm definitely ready but financially we aren't not until atleast one of us has a good stable job and a bigger place to live in. Being back there brought back a lot of memories.