Sunday, July 23, 2017

I'm back!

It's kind of funny...almost a year to the day I last posted.
Madison will be 6 in August! Can any of you believe it!?
She will be starting first grade in a fall and made it through kindergarten no problem!

This time of year always brings joy and sadness. I always think about what life would be like with Dexter, but on a more positive note my surviving twin 23 week and 3 day-er is doing great!
I just joined a Micro Preemies group on facebook and I can only say that I am so blessed with Madison. There has been mention of PTSD after having a micro preemie and even 6 years later I honestly can't watch videos of other micro preemies in the NICU without it bringing me back to that time and giving me anxiety. 

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