Sunday, September 27, 2015

Turning Over a New Leaf

         Hello hello! Last I posed Madison was about 2 1/2. Well she just had her birthday in August and she a now a 4 year old. F-O-U-R can you believe it!? I can't believe it. Some of you have been with me through this journey from the start and I appreciate all your support. Lets see...where do I begin? I am now divorced and it will be a year Oct. 28th yay! I have now been with my current boyfriend for over a year, it goes by way too quick! Madison is now in her LAST year of preschool and she will be an official kindergartener this September! SO CRAZY!.

      I went back to work this past March after almost 3 years and was given a Full-time position this past August and I officially got my first EVER brand new car ON MY OWN this past Monday. Things are really looking up and I couldn't be more excited.

     I've also started another journey. I've found a company called Le-Vel. It is a wellness program designed to help in everyday life, to give you balance, more energy, adequate sleep and so much more! Want to know more? Sign up for a FREE account here  and always stay informed! You can also reach me here by email: ThriveCecelia  earn FREE PRODUCTS for yourself by signing up for a FREE PROMOTOR account and getting others to sign up as well all you need is two people under yourself to receive auto-ship products.

     I'm glad I decided to come back and post, it seems there are still people out there looking at my blog and reading about my experiences and I'm glad I could share and give others hope. Here are two current photos of my mini and I. Enjoy!

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